Thursday 27 June 2013

IMATS London 2013 - The Haul

Heya lovelies!

If you've seen my previous post you will know i attended IMATS London this weekend and this little lot is what i have to show from it! If you've not seen my last post, go have a looky because there really was some amazing talent on show. I was savvy enough to arrive early and managed to get the majority of my shopping done before the place got manic. The queue for NYX by 11am was absolutely huge so I was really thankful i nipped there as one of my first stops! The Nars booth was hectic due to a combination of around 60% off a selection of products (obviously i couldn't resist those) and the booth was really badly set out so it made grabbing the bargains extremely difficult!

I managed to get the majority of what i wanted on the day and a few little extras, of course. But this year was less about the shopping for me and more about the experience, i even came home with a little bit of money left over... Madness! I'll try and remember prices as best i can and silly me forgot to add my Parian Spirit to my haul pictures, but expect a review of that little beauty soon because it smells absolutely amazing!

I'd wanted to replace my Embryolisse for the longest time but had specifically waited for IMATS to grab it with a little discount, its my go-to moisturiser for any type of sore skin. I was a little disappointed with OCC as they didn't have their airbrush foundation or polishes with them this year, so i opted for some Kett foundation for my airbrush and Guru Makeup Emporium had a decent discount on all their products. I did however manage to snag the OCC concealer I'd been lusting over forever.

Embryolisse - £15
Kett Hydro Foundation - £18
OCC Conceal - £10

As i mentioned earlier Nars had a whopping discount of around 60% off selected products and were not selling their full range (sad face), but i jumped at the chance to snag a few bargains! I wish I'd grabbed a few more things to try out but as the booth was so crammed it was hard to see and grab what you wanted.

New Order Highlighter - £8.50
Never Say Never Matte Pencil - £7
Sin / Albatross Duo - £12.50

Ben Nye Banana Powder is ridiculously famous in the beauty world, but even in a shopping frenzy i was smart enough to know that it really wouldn't work on my super fair complexion, so i opted for their fair translucent powder. It has a gigantic 85 grams of product! I then grabbed a Nyx Taupe blush for contouring and a couple of lip liners to add to my collection too. Oh Velvetine, you are mine now. I'm a real whore for matte red lips so this was my first purchase for the day since they were bound to sell out. And my beloved Smoky Lash, we meet again! MUFE Smoky Lash is my all time favourite mascara, so snagging it with a discount is wonderful.

Ben Nye Translucent Powder - £6.10
Nyx Taupe Blush - £4
Nyx Lip Liners - £2.50
Lime Crime Velvetine - £9.20
MUFE Smoky Lash Mascara - £12

And last but not least, the brushes! I think i was very well behaved when it came to brushes this year. I knew what i wanted and stuck to my list for once. The amount of brushes Crown Brush UK stock is incredible but i was restrained and picked up two of my favourite angled brushes, I've been using them to create sharp lip lines as well as my brows lately so i needed a few more. The Pro Blending Crease has quickly become one of my all time favourite brushes, i picked a couple up online a few months ago and have been using them religiously ever since. I also couldn't resist grabbing another 217 style blending brush from Bdellium Tools.

Crown Angled Brow - £2
Crown Pro Blending Crease - £4
Bdellium Tools 776 - £5

So not the biggest of hauls but I'm mighty chuffed with what i managed to get my paws on. Such a shame IMATS is only once a year! 

Did you go to IMATS this year?
Feel free to share your posts!



  1. Great Haul! Isn't IMATS amazing!!! I'm already looking forward to IMATS NYC for next year :)

    1. Thanks! Oooh very jealous, I'd love to go to the NYC or LA one! xx

  2. You got some amazing things! I really want to go to IMATS next year! xx

    1. You totally should, its a great experience! xo

  3. wow you got loads! I would love to go imats next year! xx

    1. Not as much as last year :P Dooo it! You won't regret it xx

  4. So jealous! I would love to have that NARS duo!

    Eyeshadow Addicts Anonymous

    1. It is gorgeous! Can't wait to play around with it! x

  5. Looks like you got a lot of awesome things i really wanted some NYX but i mean i wasnt waiting 45 minutes haha the line for the stand was massive!

    1. Yeah the line was craaaazy by 11am, so glad i managed to grab what i needed before the madness! Loved your haul vid btw! x

  6. aw your so lucky! All these products look amazing , Id love to go to imats someday! id love if we both followed eachother on bloglovin?!let me know :)

    Ella x

  7. I went to imats and got the same Nars blush and highlights as you, such a bargain! I wish I had bought the embyolisse cream though. And surely, the Kett products weren't £1??

    1. They were! Oops, it is supposed to say £18! I'll change that now, thank you! x


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