Sunday, 16 December 2012

MUA - Pro-Brow Ultimate Eyebrow Kit - Review

Ello lovelies!
You may remember many moons ago when the Glossybox featured the HD Brow Kit in one of their boxes and the beauty world went crazy for it! I never had a subscription so i watched videos and read blog posts green with envy. Since the initial fuss i've heard less and less about the product, probably due to its £20+ price tag, so i was chuffed to bits to see a high street equivalent in the MUA Brow Kit, priced at a mere £3.50.

It's no secret, I'm a big MUA fan. Since their release a year or so ago they have been constantly releasing new and exciting products, with teeny weeny price tags. So when they had their 35% off (as if it isn't cheap enough already) sale i jumped at the chance to pick up a few new bits.

The kit comes in one shade, which is probably the only downside. I do wish they'd released it in one or two more shade ranges, but you never know, they may well do in future. It contains 3 powders, two brow colours and a highlight and a wax for fixing those odd unruly hairs! As a nice little extra it also contains a little double ended brow brush for application, which isn't great but is perfect for on the go, and lastly a little pair of mini tweezers which is always handy!

Being so fair, the lighter brow colour is the one i reach for although it is a smidge too warm for me. I can't actually use the two other powders, the darker of the two is just too dark and the highlight, for me, is again far too dark for that purpose. Saying that I'm still going to be using them as eyeshadow (i severely lack neutral mattes) rather than my brow to save waste. They apply evenly just with a bit of fallout, which for the price point, I'm not complaining about.

Overall, if you fit the shade range this is a nifty little product to have. I just wish they'd bring out a few more colour ranges as i feel lighter and darker browed lovelies may have issues with this.
Would i buy it again? In this colour, probably not... But I'd be happy to see it in a lighter, cooler toned option in the future!

You can check it out at your local Superdrug or online here!

Whats your favourite brow product?



  1. This looks similar to the Gosh Eyebrow Kit. Unfortunately that was too dark for me so this probably would be too :'(

    Louise x


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