Sunday, 30 December 2012

LUSH - Let The Good Times Roll - Review

Hey lovelies!
Lush skincare and I have had a love / hate relationship over the years. Skin Drink used to be my all time favourite moisturiser before discovering Oilatum, then i had a series of disasters including a really nasty reaction to their Serum Bar, Full of Grace. So my skincare routine has been Lush free for quite a while now up until a month or so ago when i picked up a few bits, including this little beauty.

I believe this product was from their Christmas collection, but due to its popularity is has now become permanent.

Let The Good Times Roll is described as a "gentle facial wash", which to be honest, i feel is a little misleading, gentle facial scrub may have been a more apt description. This is my second tub as I've been using this as my daily facial exfoliator, and I've been loving it! The exfoliant part is lovely and fine, not at all coarse or scratchy and exfoliates like a dream. The oil in it also means unlike a lot of other facial scrubs, it doesn't dry out my skin, but it doesn't leave it feeling oily or greasy either. Just the perfect amount of scrub and hydration.

I feel the chunks of popcorn in it are a bit novelty and i just tend to pick those out when i find them. But it smells AMAZING, i don't like that they've compared it to the Popcorn lip scrub (because i think it is VILE) because this buttery popcorn scent is gorgeous and nothing like the hideously salty lip product. And like it promises, the scent does linger on the skin which i really like.

For normal to dry skinned lovelies i would wholeheartedly recommend giving this a bash. If you are on the oilier side, I'm not too sure it would work for yo, but at around £6, its not too expensive to experiment with. This product alone has restored my faith in Lush skincare products and I'm definitely up for picking up a few more! I'm actually back to really enjoying their toners!

You can check this little gem out in store or on the Lush website here.

Whats your favourite Lush product?



  1. Mine doesn't look soo moist :/ And they sell them in paper, seeesh. But it smells wonderful!

  2. I love your photography of you products and how you added popcorn in the background! x

    1. Thank you! I thought i'd try something new! xx

    2. It's very creative! and thanks for being my first follower! x

  3. I love this product but apparently it was a limited edition! I'm so upset, it's my favourite!


    1. They had sourcing issues with one of the ingredients and had to discontinue it sadly. xx


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