Friday, 22 April 2011

Medusa's Makeup Review

 I was first recommended Medusa's Makeup by a friend of a friend and after some research and being enticed by all the pretty colours i decided to give it a shot. I purchased the Makeup Artist start up kit as it seemed to be the best value for money option at $75 plus shipping from the US, all in all i paid around £55. The set included 12 of their Electro Eye Shadows, a 6 piece brush set, eye primer and eyeliner seal. I'd just shelled out for a couple of Smashbox pieces and this seemed like and OK deal to me. 

The first plus note about this brand is that my package was sent as a 'gift' which meant i didn't have any import fee's to pay. It was securely packed in a thick envelope and bubble wrapped quite tightly. I think it took about two weeks for delivery.

The Electro Eye Shadows:
They come in simple but a tad flimsy black casing and are around the size of the regular Mac shadows. Originally i was in love with these, the colours i started using were extremely well pigmented and applied pretty. When i got around to testing all of these around half of them were a little bit of a let down, the casing was broken on two of them and they were not easy to work with and were extremely less pigmented than the others! I will however still be using the Blue, Black, Green and White shades as these are probably the best out of the lot. The only slightly annoying note was when wearing the blue on a night out there was some slight glitter fall out on my lashes which was incredibly annoying whenever the light hit it. I used UDPP and will probably give these another shot using their own primer.

6 Piece Brush Set:
I have to say i do quite like these. They come in a plastic case with the brush information on the back and have the names of the brush printed on each one. I bought large brush set from Fraulein (which i will get round to reviewing eventually) and i find myself reaching for the Medusa brushes for my eyes much more often. The bristles are soft and I've had no fallout from any of them which is beaut. Unfortunately the fluff brush did fall apart on about the third use, whether this was from the postage or poor manufacturing i do not know. I will be gluing it back together until i find a superior brush though.

I haven't got round to using the primer and eyeliner seal yet due to not really liking the packaging as it looked and felt a little cheap and i love my Primer Potion. 

A BIG letdown was when i tried to contact Medusa's Makeup to inform them about the broken shadows and brush i got no response. I wasn't looking for a refund and was more than polite in my emails. To be perfectly honest i probably won't be purchasing from them again for a few reasons. The cheap packaging is a real turn off for me and so is the non existent customer service. Had i not been dazzled by the colours i probably would of realised that for a relatively unknown brand £55 is a lot of money on a gamble. The products are really hit and miss and the hits are not exactly bulls eyes. I've heard good things about their Eye Dusts but in my opinion if you're not from the US you are much better off buying some Barry M Dazzle Dusts or a few Sleek Palettes you'd probably end up with more products you like for your money!

Thanks for reading! <3

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