Tuesday, 19 April 2011

NYX Haul Part 1

A few weeks or so ago i purchased a nice little haul of NYX products from both Cherry Culture and Ebay. I’ve only managed to test out a few of the products so far. Although NYX UK did inform me that Cherry Culture apparently should no longer be shipping NYX to the UK since they are supposed to be the only UK distributor. To be honest i will probably not be paying NYX UK prices as it is considerably cheaper to order from the US. If CC do stop shipping to the UK i will probably end up buying from Ebay. The Glitterati Palette i ordered cost me $10 when it is £20 from the UK store so you get my point.

Smokey eye kit: I’ve been eyeing up the Benefit Smokin’ Eyes for quite some time now and i really just cant justify paying £28.50 for that little product in a cardboard case! I came across this on Cherry Culture for $8… Bargain! The shipping for the little lot i ordered was about $15 i think but i did buy two palettes and a few of their Jumbo pencils.

Its got 10 lovely neutral shades perfect for a smokey eye look. First off i couldnt work out whether i loved the texture of these shadows, they are very silky but there is quite a bit of fall out when you use them. I'll try them out with a couple of different brushes to see if that makes a difference. These are very easy to blend but again i’m unsure about the texture. They are fairly pigmented and the end result with them is pretty nice. Overall i think this product is a very good buy for the price. These little sets come in about 10 different variations for different eye colours and looks too which is a cute little bonus.

Jumbo eye pencils: I purchased three of these babies! Black Bean, Cherry Red and Rocky Mountain Green. They are on sale at Cherry Culture for around $3.50 but you can also get them from Ebay from multiple sellers for a couple of pound each. Apart from swatching I’ve only really got round to trying the black one. They are very large and apart from lining my water line i use a slant brush to apply these because I’ve not got the steadiest of hands! Black Bean has a slight oil like texture which i actually really like. As for staying power I’ll have to update this on that! They are a really good buy for lining or using as an eyeshadow base which again I’ll have to try and test for creasing! I've just placed another order for the Milk shade in this pencil purely to use as a base.

I have quite a few other Nyx products including a glitter palette and 6 lipsticks to use and review which i'll do as soon as possible.

These can all be purchased from either Cherry Culture, Ebay or Nyx UK and are definitely worth a try :)



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