Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Soap & Glory "The Fab Pore 15 Minute Facial Peel" review.

Up until recently I'd been a bit skeptical about using Soap and Glory facial products. I have dry/sensitive skin and have had to be very careful in the past with what products i use on my face. I've owned S&G products before such as their body butters and Breakfast Scrub (which smells almost edible!) which i love, but nothing from their facial range.

I first heard about this product through a friend who'd purchased it. I suffer from blackheads all over my nose which as much as i love squeezing spots does get rather tiresome. So i tried some of her little pot sat in front of the telly watching girly movies! To my surprise the pores on my nose were visibly smaller and the blackheads were much easier to remove. I'm not claiming this a miracle product as my blackheads did not completely disappear but there was a really noticeable reduction.

The product itself has a minty smell to it and has small blue beads which dissolve as you apply the product. Overall i would really recommend this to anyone looking to help with pore and blackhead problem areas.

It's available in stores and online at boots.com and is currently £4.77 for 50ml! Bargain!

Thanks for reading guys :)

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