Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Makeup Storage

As my makeup collection is vastly growing i've found myself looking into different storage options. I've looked at a lot of Youtube videos on it and sadly not found any decent UK storage videos as all the US ones seem to have cheap and cute options at places like the container store and Wallmart and sadly i can't get those here in the UK. Here are a few things i've purchased or am looking to buy for storage. :)

Whsmith do some cute and affordable stationary boxes that can double up as Makeup boxes. I was a very happy bunny when i checked in my local store as they had a sale on storage drawers and picked myself up a hot pink set for £6.80 which is a bargaintastic price! I couldn't find the exact box i bought online but here are a couple of similar boxes. I'd recommend if you live near a Whsmith to have a look in store and see if you can pick up any bargains!

On the slightly more expensive side I purchased a portable Beauty Box from I'd spent a lot of time researching for a cosmetics box but was finding it extremely difficult to find one under £50 that had a flat bottom compartment. There are a lot of cheaper cosmetics cases available online but i found nearly ALL of them had sectioned compartments on the bottom which means i would of had to carry my brushes and palettes around separately and with me being as clumsy as i am that was a no no. This case is sturdy and lockable (great if you want to keep other peoples mitts off your makeup!) and has two tiers of different sized compartments on each side perfect for storing all kinds of hair/beauty/makeup items! They also come in a few cute colour selections if you you're not a fan of pink.

 Lastly i've seen online that Ikea do some slightly less attractive but pretty practical drawers that would be perfect for storage! I've not purchased this yet because to be honest i'd have an excuse to fill it with more makeup if i did! But i'd be something i'd look into in the future as it is only around £20.

These come in three different colours white, red and silver and you can see these online here.

Thanks for reading and i'd also like to say a big thanks to my new followers you make me feel a little bit less silly for writing all of this! Also if anyone has any other cute and affordable storage ideas please let me know :)


  1. if you want some small drawers - muji is a good choice :)

  2. Yeah that sites great for smaller storage options. Unfortunately i've outgrown all of mine! lol :)

  3. I need new make-up storage so bad! currently using a plastic mini 4 drawer set but it's getting so full. I either need to get some new storage, or stop buying make-up. Hmmm think I know which I'll be doing! x

  4. I'll soon outgrow both of mine, think a trip to ikea is needed soon =D


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