Monday, 2 May 2011

Birchbox for the UK. Hello GlossyBox!

I've just been informed about this in the last half hour and had to write something about it! For a while now every makeup addict in the UK has been green with envy over the US brand Birchbox who for $9.99 a month deliver 5 deluxe high end samples from well known and not so well known cosmetics brands. And now we have a UK equivilent... eee! GlossyBox is £10 a month with free postage and basically will do exactly the same thing! You fill out some details so your box may be slightly more personalised but i think this is a wonderful idea and if i wasn't on a spending ban i'd snap one of these up right now! Well... possibly tomorrow if i cave! 

Thought i'd let you all know :)

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