Wednesday, 25 May 2011

My new love.. Skin79 Hot Pink BB cream!

So about a month ago i just couldn't resist jumping on the BB cream wagon and ordered a couple! BB creams or Blemish/Beblish balms have been a huge hit in Asia for some time and have steadily been growing popularity with bloggers and youtubers! Some people say it originated in Korea and some in Germany but i won't go into that, all i know is that i love it!

I'd had my heart set on the Skin79 BB Cream for some time and being a lover of packaging chose the Pink over the Gold Skin79 BB Cream which is aimed at dry skin. I know its a little bit silly... but it's pink! This BB cream claims to be a 10 in one product on the official Skin79 website; foundation, moisturiser, primer, sun care, moisture locking, oil controlling etc. I presume the 'Whitening' claim is just about evening skin tone. There are many brands of BB cream available and i chose this particular brand due to some of the great reviews i'd read and again stupidly because of the packaging. As i mentioned earlier i did purchase another BB cream which I'll review at a later date as i haven't got round to using it yet.

Over the last month or so I'd invested in quite a few foundations only to be disappointed by most of them but this was a very pleasant surprise! As you can see it's in a very cute pink can and has a large button on top to pump out the product. The pump has quite good control so you can manage the amount of product you're using but i find a whole pump is a little bit much for me (and i have a large face). It's a little grey in texture but it doesn't show when applied. Being a NW15 (And even then Studio Fix Fluid makes me look orange!) i was actually shocked when this blended to my skin tone. I've had real difficulty in the past with one shade fits all products as i am super pale. As for coverage it is quite light but for me works wonderfully with concealer over if needed. Unlike a lot of other foundations or tinted moisturisers this does not cling to any dry patches or blemishes i have and i found my face feeling just as soft and smooth at the end of the day!

To sum it up i really do love this product. And if you're looking for a light coverage foundation i would really recommend giving this a shot! Although only for light to medium skin tones as the product is such a light colour.

You can purchase these from the Skin79 Website  And but both sites are a little pricey on shipping. I ordered from Yesstyle and paid £9 shipping which is why i decided on getting two. You can also get them off eBay but there is an awful lot of fakes about and I'd recommend buying them from a reputable retailer. Although i will be trying a specific eBay buyer this month and shall let you know how that works out!

Thanks to Jane for lending me her photography skills! And thanks for reading :)

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