Saturday, 24 November 2012

Boots Soap & Glory Haul

I love Soap and Glory.

Boots had some extra points offers a little while ago and i just couldn't resist picking up a few Soap and Glory bits! These were also three for two, so even more of a bargain. If i had some sense, i would have waited for the large sets to be a Boots Star Gift, but i have no patience! But, if you love Soap and Glory, keep your eye out for the large £60 gift sets as the last week before Christmas they generally go down to around £25, less than half price!

Hand Food
Everyone loves a good hand cream. I'm probably on my fourth or fifth tube of this little gem. It has the lovely traditional Soap and Glory scent and keeps my hands soft and hydrated. One of my holy grail products!

Wish Upon a Jar
A bit of an impulse buy… I'd heard Miss Budget Beauty rave about it and as there was three for two i thought, why not? I'm not keen on the scent of this one; it’s a chocolately orange scent... But then again I am probably one of the few people in the world that hate chocolate orange! I've seen no big changes so far, but I’ll do a full review at the end of the 28 days.

Original Pink Eau De Parfum
I love the Soap and Glory scent. It smells a lot like Miss Dior Cherie and for £16.50 is a LOT cheaper. It doesn't last as long on the skin, but for around a quarter of the price, who cares?

Make Yourself Youthful Serum
Again with the chocolate orange scent, ugh. Another impulse buy, I'd been considering starting to add a serum into my skincare routine for a while now and thought this was a relatively inexpensive way to start. To me, it feels more like a light cream than a traditional serum. Again, I'll review this fully after I've given it a good old bash!

Clean On Me Shower Gel
The only shower gel I've purchased in nearly two years. At around £5, yes it’s not the cheapest one, but it’s a whopping 500ml so lasts me a good two to three months, making it excellent value for money. It like most of the other products has the traditional Soap and Glory scent i love. A little goes such a long way with this too, i love it!

I think that will be it for Soap and Glory splurges for a while. But i fully intend to take advantage of the Boots Star Gift offer next month!
What’s your favourite Soap and Glory product?



  1. I love Soap+Glory! Had to stop myself splurging earlier on today x

  2. Soap and Glory are amazing! I am also a huge fan of their make-up, the eye shadows are incredibly pigmented :D Great post, hope you are enjoying your products <3 x

  3. I absolutely love soap and glory products, my current favorite is the breakfast body scrub, it is by far the best, yummiest smelling product i have ever come across. xx

  4. Love love love Soap & Glory!
    I've just done a post on my mini haul:

  5. I hear so much about Soap & Glory products, but they're so hard to find in the US! I've only ever used their body butter, and quite liked it. I've been dying to try their scrubs, I mean people just go on about them! I'll see if I can't get my hands on a few more S&G bits in the coming months xx


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