Monday, 19 November 2012

Hard Candy - High Maintenance Duo Review

Ello lovelies!

Another review of one of the goodies i picked up while on holiday! I'd seen so much on Hard Candy online that i just had to pick up a few bits and so far this is my favourite! Unfortunately Hard Candy (as far as I'm aware) is only available in the USA, it used to be available in Boots many, many years ago but sadly they stopped stocking it. So if you're from the USA or traveling there soon keep an eye out for this brand. Alternatively, you can probably find them on eBay, if like me you HAVE to have it! I've been on a real Taupe kick lately and have picked up quite a few different shades and this has been my most used!

The High Maintenance duo is two gorgeous, taupe based baked eye shadows. I picked this up from Walmart for a mere $6, bargain! Both shades are of a frosty finish so they may not be to everyone's taste, but i sure as hell love 'em! They can be used wet or dry, individually or by swirling your brush in both to get a third gorgeous shade. Pigmentation wise i really can't fault it and they blend like an absolute dream. The only issue with it is that there is quite a bit of fall out and the product itself is a bit stiffer than expected. But for the price, it is absolutely fantastic!

Swatches! Lighter colour, darker shade then a mixture of the two!

I am SO impressed by this duo i kinda regret not picking up a couple more! If you can get your hands on Hard Candy i REALLY recommend picking this bad boy up, you wont regret it!

Have you tried any other Hard Candy products? Whats your favourite?



  1. It looks sooo grogeous!!! Like MAC's pigmented shadows. WOW.

    Followed you on GFC & Bloglovin!!:)

    The Misty Mom

  2. Love this! Really like the mixture of the 2 colours! x

    OCBeauty Blog x

  3. Thanks for the swatches! I think Ima pick some up too : ) Hard Candy is available in Canada at WalMart btw!


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