Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Sleek Blush By 3 - Pink Lemonade - Review

Hii Lovelies!

I'm a little late on the bandwagon with this one... Long story short: I'd been waiting on some free Superdrug vouchers (through the Sun+ sign up offers) and they took quite some time to arrive. Oh and nearly every time i saw these in stock in store someone had shoved their grubby fingers in every bloody one! Mini rant over... Onto the review!

I picked up both recent Blush By 3 releases; Pink Lemonade a gorgeous pink trio and a coral cream trio called CallifornIA, which I'll review later this week. This little beauty, as the name suggests, holds three blushes. Two are powder and the middle is a cream perfect for layering or wearing on its own for a more subtle look. I'm not normally a fan of powder and cream in the same palette because of fall out, but I'm pleased to announce I've had absolutely no problems with this particular one.
Icing Sugar - Macaroon - Pink Sprint 

Icing Sugar has definitely been my most reached for shade. Its the perfect subtle flush of pink on my fair skin tone, but could easily be built up for a more dramatic look. I've found it layers quite beautifully over Macaroon too for a little more oomph! Pink Sprint is a much warmer pink compared to the other two shades but is an equally gorgeous shade. I think I'll get a little more use out of this when the weather (eventually) gets warmer here. Texture wise these apply and blend well and i find them just pigmented enough that i don't fear of overdoing it and looking like Aunt Sally...

Overall Pink Lemonade gets a huge thumbs up from me and priced at £9.99 it doesn't break the bank either at £3.33 per blush... bargain! If pinks are your thing then you need to give this gem of a blush palette a quick look next time you're in Superdrug!

What is your favourite Sleek blush shade?

You can find these on the Sleek Makeup website or in Superdrug stores in the UK.



  1. I own a couple of the Sleek blush trios but I sadly don't own Pink Lemonade and to be honest, I'm not sure why as it's absolutely gorgeous. The shades are right up my street so this is defo going on my wishlist. Raspberrykiss xo

  2. Oooo *heart eyed emoji* I saw this today, having major regrets about not picking it up!

  3. I am obsessed with the Rose Gold blush from sleek, perfect for that subtle pop of colour.
    Becka | This Is My World

  4. So pretty!!!! I want this so bad!! XxX


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