Friday, 4 April 2014

MAC 15x Cool Neutral Palette Review

Hey Lovelies! 

I thought i should get this little beauty out of the way following my review on the Warm Neutrals Palette which you can read here

As i mentioned in the last post i really couldn't pick between the two and very naughtily picked up both palettes when they launched on the MAC website. Both are priced at a semi reasonable (for MAC) £65 and contain 15 nearly full sized eyeshadow pans which is a steal considering the £170ish price tag to create your own. As i mentioned in my last post the palette contains 19.5g of product making each shadow 1.3g rather than the regular 1.5g per pan advertised on the MAC website. But again the price difference really makes up for the slight lack in product.

This palette contains an overall more cooler variety of shades (stating the obvious) but does have the addition of a few warmer ones which make the palette a little more versatile. Personally, i think out of the two this has to be my favourite shade selection. I also found the textures of these a little better than the Warm option as these swatched and applied beautifully.
I find MAC shadows a little drier in texture and these all feel of the same quality of the MAC eyeshadows i already own. My favourites from this palette are Crushed Love and Sun Tweaked,  i always tend to steer towards more bronzey/gold shades so these are right up my alley. After Dusk and Blackberry are going to make really lovely winter smokey eye options, a nice alternative to using Cranberry. My camera (or should I say my lack of photography skills) likes to wash the lighter shades in the palette out quite a bit. So onto the swatches!
Flounce (M). Sweet Allure (S), Sun Tweaked (F), After Dusk (VXP), Blackberry (M)
Pick Me Up (M), Cozy Grey (M), Crushed Love (F), Deception (F), Brun (S)
Silver Fog (L), French Clay (F), Cumulus (F), Pearled Earth (VXP), Black Tied (V)

Overall i think this is a pretty well rounded palette. It would have been made perfect for me with the addition of a transition shade... I know, i know, I'm like a broken bloody record, i just wish more palettes would have one! If you like MAC shadows i think you'll love these so i highly recommend giving these a little swatch at a counter or store near you!

What do you prefer? Warm or Cool?

You can find these at MAC counters and online here.



  1. perfect review!..thnak you very much....please,shades" Cumulus" is olive green bronw or gray violet brown?..thank you*


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