Friday, 25 April 2014

Fresh - Sugar Lychee Perfume Review

Hii Lovelies!
This is one of those "Youtuber's made me do it!" kinda purchases. I've had and loved the Fresh lip balms in the past but after hearing in countless videos and blog posts about their Sugar Lychee perfume i just knew i had to get my hands on it! Oh and it does not disappoint!

I made my poor boyfriend trek around London earlier this year just to find the Fresh store, so i could grab myself a little bottle of this gorgeousness and repurchase my most beloved lip balm. The Fresh store isn't particularly hard to find and is a 5-10 minute walk from Selfridges which isn't too bad. I had to be very restrained and only pick up the two bits i wanted which is a near impossible task in this store. The have so many lovely products and the sales staff are so friendly!

As you can probably tell by the name Sugar Lychee is a gorgeous, fruity, fresh (i know, i could have used a better word...) scent and its safe to say I'm well and truly in love. Its on the citrus side and i really pick up the lovely lemon notes to it. I'm a scent happy kind of person and certain fragrances really can brighten my mood, to me it really is an uplifting, light, refreshing scent that i can see myself happily repurchasing over and over again. My one gripe with it is the lasting power isn't the greatest, after about 4-5 hours i can only faintly detect it lingering around, which is a shame since it is priced around £35 for a 30ml bottle. But it is lovely enough to overlook the slightly shabby lasting power for a scent that literally makes me happy every time i smell it.

"Sugar Lychee Eau de Parfum is a fruity fragrance inspired by the exotic and luscious lychee fruit housed in an artisanal glass bottle.

Top Notes: grapefruit, Italian lemon, lime blossom
Middle Notes: lychee, lotus lower, freesia
Bottom Notes: sandalwood, tonka bean, amber." (Source,


Overall this little beauty is nearing the top of my all time favourites list and one i would repurchase in a heartbeat. I just wish they had an online store here in the UK! I believe Fresh only have one London store but they will take mail orders over the phone if you are that desperate to try some of their stuff. If you love sweet, citrus scents this is one i really recommend giving a sniff!

Have you tried any Fresh products?



  1. I've never actually tried Fresh before, but I love the sound of this!

    Belle ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  2. the packaging is so so, but i believe it can smell good :))

    fashion blog

  3. Oh my goodness I need this! I love the notes listed-sounds like it would be perfect for me!
    A Thing of Beauty


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