Thursday, 7 March 2013

The Week of Hauls... #2 Crown Brush UK

Heya lovelies!

So i got some more goodies through the post today i thought I'd share with you. I'm planning to do a full review with actual photographs (rather than this slightly shoddy Instaspam one) of all the brushes seen here, so don't you worry!

10 Slot Leatherine Case - £6.57
I've needed a travel case for quite some time, as much as i love my Sigma Make Me Up holder, its bulky and doesn't actually hold a lot of brushes. So this little, inexpensive case seemed to be the perfect buy!

Pink Zebra Tweezer - £6.99
My Mum is sick of me using hers to put it bluntly and i can't apply false lashes for shit without them. Ha.

7pc HD Set - £29.99
Impulse buy! This beauty comes with 7 brushes, a pretty swish case, a mixing palette and a spatula! First impressions, OH MY these are soft brushes! And no longer will i have to mix my OCC Lip Tars on the back on my hand! Full review coming soon.

C160 Angle Liner - £2.29
This is a repurchase as i love mine and would like to keep one specifically for brows as i tend to reach for this for lining my bottom lash line.

C433 Pro Blending Fluff - £6.09
My go-to eyeshadow brush. I am one of those lazy people who could basically do an entire smokey eye (bar botton lash line) just with this brush. I'm a big fan of these and they are such an affordable alternative to the MAC 217.

C323 Lip Brush - £2.19
Another repurchase, you just can't have enough lip brushes!  

You can check out all of these on the Crown Brush UK website here.
Just one more haul left this week... And its a MAC whopper!

Who makes your favourite brushes?


  1. Amazing brushes! I love e.l.f. and Qosmedix brushes.

  2. Great haul, i'm yet to try crownbrushes- definitely be making an order soon! Look forward to reading your review :)


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