Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Sneaky little Fyrinnae haul...

Okay, so maybe just one more haul...

How cute are the new little bags?

Its no secret, i bloody love Fyrinnae. Visual Kei Lip Lustre is probably one of my all time favourite lip products and i'd had my eye on Pygmy Hippo for a while, but when they released their new Retro collection.... I just had to place an order.

I absolutely adore the formula of their Lip Lustres, they remind me of a liquid lipstick, but with a silky texture that doesn't bleed. Oh and some of them stain, which i LOVE. They get a massive thumbs up from me for being so long wearing and so comfortable on the lips.
At $7 a pop (and extremely reasonable shipping the UK) they are pretty darn cheap too!

Pygmy Hippo
"Matte medium rosey plum shade, not quite mauve. Neutral-warm. If you wonder about the name, just search Google images for "Pygmy hippopotamus baby". It's not that the shade is an exact match for their little pink undersides, but they're simply rather adorable beings."

Glamorous Rebel
"Bright, rich cherry red. A cool hue, but should work for most neutral and olive skintones as well. Matte finish (no shimmer but applies with a slight glossiness), and is likely to stain. 50s Retro Collection."

(Colour descriptions taken directly from the Fyrinnae website, click on the names to go check them out!)

Pygmy Hippo - Glamorous Rebel - 1952
(Not the greatest phone picture!)

They also included a sample size of 1952 which is a gorgeous warm red that leans orange on me. I am SO pleased with my order and can't wait to feature these in a FOTD soon!

Have you tried anything from Fyrinnae?



  1. Those colours look so pretty, i especially love the middle one :)

  2. Looking forward to the FOTD with these :)


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