Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Crown Brush - HD Brush Set

Ello lovelies!

I recently posted a cheeky Crown Brush UK haul and have been giving the brushes a good ol' test since. My first experience with Crown Brush was at last years London IMATS and some of the brushes I purchased have turned into my daily essentials, so being the impatient girl i am, i decided to couldn't wait for June and picked up a few more!

The biggest splurge of the order was this set, the 7 Piece HD Brush Set
which includes six brushes, a mixing palette, spatula and a handy travel case. Not being an MUA means i don't really "need" the palette or spatula but i thought it'd come in handy for mixing OCC Lip Tars and similar products, no more stained hands! Priced at £29.99 i think this little set is a steal considering the prices of other well known brush brands, you could pay nearly or more that amount of money for just one face brush!

Onto the review...
I'm a big fan of the casing, as much as its a fingerprint magnet and a pain in the bum the photograph. But, i think it looks quite classy and has enough room to fit quite a few more brushes in it, which is great for travel since I'd need another blending brush or two! I'm not going to be reviewing the palette or spatula, because frankly i wouldn't know where to start, but I'm looking forward to using them.

Powder brush
First things first, these brushes are ridiculously soft and have stayed that way even after a good few washes. And virtually no shedding, so they get a huge thumbs up from me. Its not the biggest powder brush, but i'm really enjoying using this for all over powder, or on the odd occasion blush (when I'm being extremely lazy) as the plus side of it being a smaller powder brush is it can multitask! My only little complaint is that it could be a little denser.

Blush Brush
Another multitasker! For me, this brush is the perfect size for a more precise contour and has been getting a lot of use in my collection. I prefer slightly larger blush brushes, but it works well again for precise blush application, then i'd use the powder brush the blend it out. Like the powder brush (and all of the brushes in this set) it is super soft and so far, has not shed one single hair! 

Foundation Brush
As you can probably tell so far, I don't really use brushes for their named purpose, as i feel you can use them for whatever you feel works! As a foundation brush this is far, far too small. But for blending or setting concealer, its perfect! I'm a big fan of using more fluffier brushes than the traditional flat brushes for concealer so this has come in super handy! Its dense enough to blend concealer perfectly but fluffy enough to be able to be used for setting powder.

Blending Crease Brush
Perfect transition colour brush for smaller eyes! I've been cursed with tiny eyes so my crease brushes have to be small otherwise my shadow ends up looking like a hot mess. But i love this for general blending or applying a transition colour without it packing too much of a punch.

Oval Shadow Brush
My basic shadow brushes are looking a bit battered so I've been reaching for this little beauty quite often. Its great for a quick wash of colour on the lid or using as a general lay down brush, but the end is fluffy enough to double up as a blender for more simple looks.

Pointed Liner
I'm a liquid liner girl, so this is the only brush i haven't used so can't really comment!

With the addition of a couple of blending brushes, an angled brow brush (Crowns C160 is one of my favouites!)
or two and possibly a foundation brush this could be made into my perfect travel set!

Overall, I'm really pleased with my purchases from Crown! I can see me getting a lot of use out of the brushes and more than likely purchasing quite a few more at this years IMATS...

You can find this set on the Crown Brush UK website here.

Whats your favourite Crown Brush?



  1. I'm pretty sure this set is exactly the same thing (though cheaper) as the Sephora Airbrush set ( I have the Sephora version and I love it. The blending crease brush is perfect for foundation.

    1. Think you're right! The Crown version has been on HauteLook a few times too i believe! xx

  2. I keep seeing Crown pop up on blogs, Tempted to make an order! x

  3. Never tried any products from Crown Brush but now I'm tempted!
    Raspberrykiss xo

  4. Crown brushes are pretty much the best brushes you can buy. I own only a few sadly but would love their entire collection. I really want their lip brush as I've heard so many amazing things

    Beauty Fiends Blog

  5. Very nice brush set!! Awesome review.

  6. This set looks really good! I've never tried Crown brushes before x

  7. Very nice and beautiful brushes! I'll surely be getting some of them in the near future :) Thanks for sharing this one!

    Makeup Brush Set


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