Saturday, 23 June 2012

Summer Lust List!

Slowly but surely i am determined to get some of these beauties in my life...

1 - Inglot Eyeshadows.
I am obsessed with my Inglot shadows and have been lusting after some new ones for what seems like forever (its really not that long, I'm just a drama queen). In particular i really want some more cool toned neutrals and a few pearl brights including shimmery limes and oranges!

2 - A Better Camera

I have none in particular in mind yet, just an upgrade from my current £50 bargain. Yes mine does the job (most of the time) but it would be nice to learn to take some better snaps with a nice new camera. Just nothing toooooo expensive.

3 - New GHD's
Not sure why, but lately my hair has refused to stay straight and has been returning to its usual wavy (and not in a good way) state within an hour or two. Which to be honest is thoroughly annoying! So these are at the top of my must buy list! Mine are about 6 years old and have taken a bit of a battering, so I'm eyeing a nice glossy new pair.

4 - Revlon Lip Stain Balms

There is a fair bit of American makeup on my written Lust List (yes, i actually keep a written list!) but as these are rumoured to be making an appearance in the UK next month i thought I'd include them! Although, i think i might do a shopping list post of all the American makeup i hope to get my paws on later this year!

5 - Darling Girl Cosmetics (all of it)

Okay, all of it may be a slight exaggeration, but hey! This website has been taunting me and my no buy for some time now and I'm not sure i can resist much longer! I've got my eye on tooooo many things on the website including shadows, glitter glue, lip products and multiple scents of their skin quenchers. Must, resist!

6 - Caudalie Beauty Elixir 
If you read blogs you'll know exactly what this is. Its stupidly expensive but somehow this has not put me off lusting over it. /sigh

7 - Dinair Airbrush System 
This is a relatively new lust. Do i need it? God no. But i really, really, really, really want one.
*Insert tantrum*

So thats it!
Lust lists are a rare post for me, but i thought I'd share some of the goodies that are catching my eye lately, and knowing my will power will probably be making an appearance on my blog some point in the near future!

Are you lusting over any products lately? Let me know!



  1. I'm lusting after Inglot shadows too! And my hair wont stay straight either. Damn, life is so expensive! Hope you get some of these lovelies. x

  2. I love my Inglot eyeshadows! I mainly have the matte ones, but all of the ones I've used are so amazing.

  3. I really want the Revlon lip stain balms too! They are literally perfect to throw on in the summertime! Especially some of the brighter shades xoxo

  4. i really want to try a chubby stick! and inglot shadows!
    lauren x


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