Monday, 25 June 2012

FOTD: Stuck In A Rut

Ello Lovelies!
I've been stuck in a little bit of a makeup rut lately, wearing the same look most days and not having much time to change up my routine too much due to work, boo! So over the weekend i was determined to crack out some different goodies and give a new look a bit of a try. Well here's how it went!

Urban Decay - Primer Potion
Nyx - Milk Jumbo Pencil
Victorian Disco Cosmetics - Frozen Throne (<3)
Sugarpill - Afterparty + Bulletproof + Taco
Mac - Omega (Brows) + Phloof!
MUFE - Smoky Lash

Mac - Hue
Which looks really nothingy on me sadly.

Mac - Studio Fix Fluid mixed with Revlon - Colourstay
Fyrinnae - Confidence Hightlighter (as blush)
Collection 2000 - Lasting Perfection Concealer
Elf - HD Powder

Overall i was pretty happy with look. Sure its not the most creative look, but for me its pretty good! My foundation ratio was a little off, my Colourstay is a smidge too light and my Studio Fix Fluid (NW15) is FAR too dark so i like to try and mix the two so i feel like I'm not wasting two perfectly good foundations.
I just wish i could get the ratios perfect every time i try, oh well!

I'm really looking forward to trying out some more bolder looks and well and truly getting out of my makeup rut! I've also got my eye on some indie pretties currently, so hopefully I'll have some bits and bobs to show and review soon, yay!

Thanks for reading!



  1. This is really pretty! I've been trying to think of ways to wear my blue eyeshadows without looking like pat butcher, think I'll try a similar look to yours! :) xx

  2. Your eyes look positively glowing!


  3. I feel like I've been in a rut too, so I've been trying to get out of it - this is a really pretty look for you! your eyes look amazing! xx

  4. Beautiful! I love the mix of colors. Great job.

  5. Gorgeous look, love the blue colours on you- not many can wear that colour so well!x

  6. Wow! You must get compliments on your eyes all the time. I am jealous blue eyeshadows can't seem to look this good on me ^.^ I'm in a makeup rut, too... better bust out the colorful eyeshadow myself!


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