Monday, 18 June 2012

Collection 2000 Cream Puff Lip Cream

Hiya Lovelies!
The weathers looking a little bit nicer than it has been over the past few weeks (YAY) and has got me in a rather summery mood! As you know I've been a little bit tight with my spending lately but i did manage to pick up a few budget products in town over the past few weeks, ooops! Although i feel a little splurge is in order on next payday as i have been pretty damn good with my savings! Not that I'm trying to convince myself or anything...

Collection 2000's Cream Puffs have been raved about online and i thought it was about time i picked one up, at £2.99 it wasn't breaking the bank so if it didn't work for me it was no big loss. After seeing some rave reviews about them i was a little bit disappointed with the colour selection, in both stores i visited there were only 4, which lets be honest could be a lot better. There were only two colours that really took my fancy as the other two were beigey nudes and i am under no impression that i could pull those off! So i opted for the peachier colour, shade 3 Fairy Cake.

Now the sunlight has been a little deceptive with this swatch as it is leaning a little more orange than it actually is, the lip swatch is a more accurate colour. Honestly, its a pretty colour but i don't love it. Its easy to apply and has pretty good lasting power so for me makes an easy, go to day shade. My only gripe with it is if you don't exfoliate your lips it really does sink in and cling to dryer areas after an hour or so. And i know this from experience, silly ol' me went out one day and probably had this on for a good few hours before i realised it had well and truly clung around the dry patches where my lips meet... ew! Needless to say I've remembered to exfoliate more often!

I really do love the texture of these, like the name implies they are a cream formula and glide onto the lip. They dry down to a matte finish but will move about quite easily so paranoid me has a mirror to hand for speedy lip checks.
Overall i think this is a pretty decent product i just wish Collection 2000 would give us some more shades, pleaaasseee!? Its cheap at £2.99, wears well (if you aren't lazy like me and exfoliate regularly) and is opaque with one swipe. As far as I'm aware there is nothing like this on the high street currently but they have been compared to the Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creams, which have a slightly better colour range but are less accessible here in the UK.

Have you tried Lip Creams? What are your favourites?

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  1. this color is so pretty! i love the name of the product

    x Jordan
    - Boho Vanity -

  2. I love this shade, my favourite out of the four!


  3. I bought one of these like aaaages ago, and rediscovered it in Boots a couple of weeks ago and totally fell in love all over again! It's creamy, easy to apply, and very versatile, I've got big lips and I'm of Arab skin tone, so it's one of the only lip products I feel comfy in!

    Lovely blog too btw!

    Check mine out:

    :) x


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