Monday, 17 October 2011

Naked Skincare

 I love skincare!

I'm pretty late to jump on the bandwagon for Naked Skin and Bodycare but I'm dead pleased I've discovered them. I was recommend the hair care by a friend a little while ago and after spotting I'd missed a 50% off sale I'd been a little bit reluctant to order. Being the bargain hunter i am i decided to try and wait until they had another promotion running. I feel a little cheap saying this as they are reasonably priced to start with! But my patience did pay off and i noticed Superdrug had a 50% off selected skincare offer with free shipping. So i went a little over the top and ordered all but one of their skincare range.

  • Thirst Aid 24 Hour Moisturiser - £7.49
  • Looking Good Soothing Eye Gel - £7.49
  • Blinking Lovely Eye Makeup Remover - £4.49
  • Up Tone Girl Toner - £4.49
  • Perfect Getaway Cream Cleanser - £4.49

    Here's what Naked have to say...

    Yes, we’ve removed the bad stuff.
    And the natural active extracts we add in are widely recognized as being the best at what they do eg. Cocoa Butter for moisturizing, Sunflower for sun damage protection, purest Rose oil for anti ageing.

    But you may be asking why we don’t use parabens, SLS and  petrochemicals in our Naked products.
    After all they are in the vast majority of toiletries on most bathroom shelves, so can they really be that bad? For us, it’s all about choice - about preferring to reduce our toxic load and use as many friendly ingredients  as possible. "

    I'm a little skeptical about products claiming to be "natural". I'm also not the most well educated person on the matter but just because things are natural doesn't necessarily mean they are good for you. But saying that each one of these products has some lovely ingredients packed in them that you wouldn't normally see in other products in their price range. Star flower, argon oil, neroli and alpine herbs to name just a few.

    The one stand out product for me out of the five is Thirst Aid. I'm terribly fussy with moisturisers, i have quite dry/sensitive skin so finding something that suits me is a nightmare. After using this just once i noticed how smooth and hydrated my skin felt, i was so happy with the results i ordered a second tub while the half price offer was still running! Even at the full £7.49 price it's well worth the money because you get a whopping 100ml of product. That's double or sometimes triple the amount of your average moisturiser which i think is awesome. I've yet to try this under makeup since I'm a bit reluctant to give up my Oilatum, but if it performs as well it'll be a lovely replacement.

    My second favourite out of the bunch is the cream cleanser. I was unsure at first if i liked the fragrance of it and taking a total stab in the dark I'm guessing that's the ginseng i can smell. Its quite thin in consistency which was a refreshing change from my other "lazy cleanser" Simple Purifying Lotion. I generally only use this sort of cleanser if I'm too lazy to cleanse and polish but it will definitely be replacing my Simple one.

    The other three products i could frankly live without. I'm not fussy when it comes to toners or eye makeup removers but these do the job and will last me a long long time. The only product i didn't get on with was the Eye Gel, it stings! I'm obviously not putting it in my eye but every time i try to use it i have to wipe it off as i start tearing everywhere. So that's the only product i definitely wouldn't buy again.

    Overall I'm delighted to have found some new staple products. I'm also interested to try out some of their hair care products I've heard so much about.

    You can purchase theses from Naked's website here.
    Or online or in store at most Boots or Superdrugs.

    Do you have any favourite Naked products? Let me know!



  1. Seems like a very nice skincare line! Right, just because companies say their products are "natural" doesn't mean anything. Read the product ingredients list and know what things mean! I'm actually doing a "toxic ingredient" blog series right now. It's so important to read up on what's what.

  2. I love their hair masks! They left my hair super soft!
    x x x

  3. I've always wanted to try these but haven't ever got round to it! going to have to now :)

  4. @Jenn Staz - Sorry but that comment was kinda bitchy. We dont all have the time to read up on every single little ingredient. Katie has enough in her life to do than read in depth, into something shes writing about for fun.

    I think im gonna check these out in my next "skincare" phase!


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