Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Small Mac Haul

Hey guys!

So this post is a little late since I've spent the weekend travelling to the other side of the country and attending a lovely wedding! I've not been to one since a child so i was a little nervous to say the least! But obviously this gave me a chance to splurge a little on some quality makeup for the day. I only picked up a few things since i have managed to convince my Bf that stopping at the Mac counter as soon as we reach Newcastle was a must. So these are just a couple of things i have ordered online and I'm pretty happy with all of them! I overspent a little on Mac while i was up there and shall be doing a post on the goodies i got in the next few days (when i can manage to get some better lighting!)

Please excuse the god awful picture, the lighting and focus was not on my side with these! The swatches are a much better likeness of colours. I'm not a big lipstick girl and have been feeling this is one part of my collection that was severely lacking. I've not got the greatest lips, my top lip is on the thin side and i feel a little self conscious with lip stick on but i think it's time i remedy this and experiment! These were the two with a lot of googling for swatches i decided on.

Bombshell (Frost) - Chatterbox - (Amplified Cream).

Bombshell is probably my favourite purely because I've not had the guts to wear out Chatterbox yet although it is a lovely colour and I'm determined to pluck up the courage. I'm really glad i did an extensive search for swatches because Chatterbox wouldn't have been one I'd pick from the Mac website. Southampton NEED's a Mac counter... please?!
  Wonderstruck - Lustreglass
I've not owned a Mac gloss in years and i have no idea why. I owned Flusterose a few years ago and it was probably my favourite gloss for a long long time. I love the finish, it's not the longest lasting gloss but i can honestly not get anything to stay put on my lips for longer than an hour while I'm out due to drinking and my (unhealthy and yuck i know) bad smoking habit. I love the shimmer and the light vanilla scent that all Mac's lip products have.

Gorgeous pink with silver shimmer. Not very sticky so a thumbs up from me!

Paint Pot - Bare Study
I'd heard a lot about Paint Pots in the past but never really seen the need for me to buy one. As I'd had a specific look in mind that i wanted to wear this weekend this seemed the perfect opportunity to get one. Bare Study is a soft, shimmery pearly nude which is primarily used as an eyeshadow base. For some reason at the weekend while in a little bit of a rush I'd managed to completely miss primer out of my routine (how? i really do not know) and this did crease throughout the day but nothing a little smudging couldn't sort. I used this on my lid with a thick winged liquid liner and it looked lovely. I'd tested this look a few days before while at work and with a primer it really did not budge at all, even through heat. I'm really quite impressed!

Being able to splurge on Mac products is one of my favourite things to do as i can rarely justify spending so much. But it's all worth it! I shall get a new post up by Thursday on the things I'd bought from my first ever trip to a Mac counter, eee exciting stuff!

Thanks for reading guys. :)


  1. Love all your buys, the shades are gorgeous.

    Sadie xx

  2. Thanks! I managed to splurge a little last weekend and should have some more swatches up soon! xx


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