Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Mac Haul

So this is a little late, but better late than never! I managed to take a detour on my way to a wedding last weekend to stop at Newcastle's Metro Center specifically to go to their Mac counter. Needless to say i was like a kid in a candy shop and had very little willpower over how much i actually spent. But it's not every day (or even year!) i get to go to one so i decided to well and truly treat myself. I've had some time to try out all the stuff i got and I'm pretty happy with it all (apart from one but I'll explain that later). So here's what i got and my opinion on them so far. I'll try to keep this short and sweet :)
 Powder Blush - Dollymix - £17
I love pink lips and cheeks possibly a little too much and I've been eyeing this blush up for ages! It's a sheertone finish and is like the name implies a little on the sheer side. Built up it gives a gorgeous pink flush to the cheek, although I think i still much prefer my favourite Benefit's Bella Bamba.

Heavily swatched and sheered out.

 Pro Palette Refill - All That Glitters - Beauty Marked - £9.50
This was the most exciting part of my haul for me. I've been wanting a Pro Palette for quite some time now but just couldn't justify the money. Like a dozey Magpie i was drawn to beauty marked, in the store it looked like a gorgeous black with red/purple shimmer. Unfortunately logic didn't kick in until after i purchased it even when i swatched it on my hand in the store all that went through my head was 'ITS PRETTY AND GLITTERY YAY' .... dumb ass. It's a velvet finish and is still pretty wearable but next time I'm at a Mac counter I'll definitely remember not to get over excited and loose my common sense. On the other hand All That Glitters (Veluxe Pearl) is absolutely stunning, I've been wearing it nearly every day without fail, it definitely lives up to all the hype.

                                   All That Glitters                    Beauty Marked

Lovelorn & Lustering Lipsticks - Lustre - £13.50
Oh look more pink things... It's becoming a bit of a trend lately. Lustre finishes are on the safe side being quite sheer and since I'm not confident with opaque lips yet they work just fine for me. Please excuse the bad pictures i had to try and photograph them in the hotel so i could get a chance to try everything out! They are a little on the drying side though so a good lip butter and exfoliate is a must with these.

Lovelorn - Lustering

Paint Pot - Blackground - £13.50
I've not been brave enough to wear this out yet so top of my things to do list is to try to achieve a wearable smokey eye with this. I say "try" because i generally suck a smokey eyes but I'm dying to wear them more often. It's not completely opaque which i love and shimmer softens it. I really just need to get my bum in gear and get using this!

Dazzleglass - Love Alert - £16
Yet again i was distracted by glittery things, but this time it was a good distraction. Love Alert is described as a Raspberry Red with Red Pearl and i love it. It's a little stickier than Lustreglasses but the colour and shimmer are stunning. I'm glad my Magpie senses went off with this one!

Mineralize Skinfinish Natural - Light - £18.50
Apologies for the poor qualify picture underneath, Light was a pretty good match for me and my camera decided it really did not want to focus. Another item I've been eyeing up for some time now. Although i already own more powders than I'd like to admit i had to have this! I love having a flawless face but lately I've been trying to go a little more natural. This is perfect for setting my foundation or touching up during the day. So another thumbs up from me!

Should i really have splurged this much? Not really. But i really couldn't help myself. I think this is probably all the Mac I'll buy till around Christmas unless they release an irresistible collection (although judging by this years, they probably won't!). I'll stop blabbering now!

Ta for reading guys :)



  1. Love the look of All that Glitters. Fabulous.

  2. Those products are gorgeous! I wish we had MAC in my country...


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