Monday, 25 July 2011

Liquid liner addict?

Some people use the same look more often than others. I've always loved makeup but until recently I've not had the dosh to splurge on it so my collection was generally quite small. I mostly got all my higher end goodies for my Birthday and stuck to buying drugstore foundations and powders. I look back on nearly every photo of me and I've realised... I'm a full blown liquid liner addict. On a night out i wouldn't been seen dead without my thick black eyes, I'd occasionally pop a shadow on or change up my blush but the eyes were a must have. I've steered away from this recently since i realise how extremely repetitive it is and have to resist the urge to fall back onto my bad habits. But definitely having the money to buy more products has made this addiction easier to give up... And possibly started a new one.

(I'm also a little bit of a poser if you hadn't noticed.)

Do you have any beauty bad habits like this?
I'm sure i have many more that I've not spotted yet.


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