Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Nyx Butter Lipsticks - Review

Heya Lovelies!

Nyx's Butter Glosses and Lipsticks have been a real smash hit product with bloggers over the past six months or so. So little addict here had to get on the bandwagon and after some frantic eBay searching i finally found a reputable seller that had these in stock. After spending quite some time searching for swatches i finally decided on these three shades; Hunk, Sweet Tart and Taffy. I wanted an array of shades to really give the formula a try, mostly because I had my eye on another three... I really am awful!

The packaging on these really floats my boat as each tubes colour corresponds with the lipstick shade inside, really great for quickly grabbing one out my lippy collection! They do however feel quite cheap, which may be expected with their $6 price tag, i just have to make sure the lid is secure before throwing in my handbag! Currently Nyx have released 22 shades of Butter Lipstick so if these colours don't take your fancy I'm sure one of the 19 others might.

The texture of these is on the thinner, sheerer side for a lipstick with the deeper shades packing the most colour punch. They are incredibly comfortable on the lips, a little slippy but feel somewhat moisturising which is a nice change from my usual matte picks. I just have to make sure (quite often) that I've not got them smeared all over my teeth... Which due to their thinner consistency (and my sloppy application) happens quite a bit on me. Also due to the texture they don't wear more than a few hours before needing a touch up which is their real downside. The wear time is quite a bit better over a lip liner, i really love Nyx's ones fyi, but they do not feather if applied without.

Taffy - Sweet Tart - Hunk

Sweet Tart and Taffy are the two I've been reaching for the most out of the bunch, mostly for throwing in my handbag for quick day time touch ups. I do love the shade Hunk (very similar to Mac's Rebel) but i prefer my deeper shades to wear a lot longer than this does. On a whole i was a little underwhelmed with these lipsticks and for me, they didn't live up to the Youtube hype they received. They aren't bad, they have a great colour range i just wish they had better staying power. I have also ran out of willpower and ordered a few of the Nyx Butter Glosses so i hope those really are hype worthy!

You can find these on eBay here.

Have you tried any of the Nyx Butter range?



  1. I've seen a few reviews on these now and they're all rather disappointing! Such a shame. They're still so affordable and like you said would be great for day time touch ups!

    The Sunday Chapter
    Angela xo

    1. It really is a shame! I've ended up just throwing them in my handbag for one of those "just in case" moments! xo

  2. really sad to know that it's not that worth it.. :(


    1. It is a shame, Nyx do some lovely lip products but these just fell short! xo

  3. Pity that these didn't work out, the colors are absolutely GORGEOUS. :(
    <3 Pauline, ­­Addicted to Makeup

  4. I liked the colors but sad to know they are not worth the hype.


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