Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Benefit Boxed Blush Hervana Review

Ello Lovelies!
My lovely boyfriend picked me up some Benefit goodies I'd been lusting after for Christmas and first up for review is Hervana! I've amassed quite a selection of Benefit's boxed powders over the years and I'm yet to be completely disappointed by one (Rockateur has grown on me quite a bit since my initial review). Hervana isn't the newest boxed blush on the block but it is one of the more recent blush releases. Priced at £23.50 Benefit blushes aren't the cheapest but i find it takes me so long to get through one I really don't mind the price tag, even more so since this one was a gift!

Hervana is pretty pleasing to the eye, with both packaging and product design that I'm quite smitten with, it really is gorgeous! It combines four lovely wearable colours that when swirled together (they are far too small to try and use individually) creates a really lovely pink satiny shade with just a hint of peach. On my fair skin tone this is a nice every day shade that I've been reaching for a lot over the past month or so, its one of those shades that works well with nearly any look and was the only blush i took on my travels to London earlier in the month. I think this would work well on lighter skin tones but I'm not sure how well it would show on medium to darker complexions.

It has that typical Benefit scent to it, slightly sweet but not overpowering which i quite enjoy.
Just like Rockateur i don't really find this a "wow" kind of blush. Its a nice shade with a lovely texture, i reach for it quite a lot but its not something I'd go and rave about. If that makes any sort of sense? Its pretty, but its not a stunner. Or maybe I'm just getting pickier with blush? Who knows!

Overall i think Hervana is a nice blush, just nice. Its pretty, blends well but its not going to be holy grail material any time soon. But like i mentioned i am reaching for it quite a bit, so maybe i should give it more credit. If you are on the fairer complexion side and looking for one of those blushes that go with everything i recommend giving this a swatch, you might just love it more than me!

You can check this out on the Benefit Cosmetics website here. 

Do you have a favourite Benefit boxed blush?
Mine is definitely still Bella Bamba!


  1. It is such a pretty blush! I wouldn't to mess up the design ^^ I haven't tried blushers from benefit before and i have my eye on the dandelion one <3


  2. This looks great, I really want to try it! I love Benefit makeup! xx


  3. It looks beautiful shade on the swatch photo. I have yet to try any Benefit Blush.
    Btw I really like your blog and following it via GFC already, visit mine if you get sometime.

    Zubia | The Bedside Dreams Diary

  4. I'm med/dark it doesn't show up at all I totally wasted my money on this one :( xx

  5. I'm light/medium, and I couldn't get this to show up on me really.

  6. This blush is so pretty! I absolutely love Benefit's packaging :)



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