Monday, 13 January 2014

The perfect lipstick holder!

Ello Lovelies!

Over the Christmas period i went on a little bit of a organising spree with all my stuff including my makeup storage. I found my MAC lipsticks were going unloved purely because i am lazy and couldn't be bothered to route through them all to find which shade i wanted. So i thought enough was enough and went on the hunt for a lipstick holder that would fit in my Ikea Alex unit!

It took a little while to find this gem on eBay due to all the cheaper ones i could find seemed to be tiered, meaning they really weren't going to fit in the shallow drawers that house my lip products. Finally, i spotted this 24 space lipstick holder and although it is tiered it doesn't lift the lipstick, just the casing is a little higher on each row, perfect! 

As you can see this holds all my MAC lipsticks (if i can resist buying any more) and my favourite YSL matte lippies. I can finally see what shades I'm grabbing without having to turn each lipstick over. Price wise its a little more expensive than the basic lipstick holders but is still a steal for a piece of acrylic storage at £7.09 here. It fits in my Alex unit perfectly but leaves a large gap at the side which i now use for storing my lip liners. I've even gone as far as grabbing a second one off eBay for my cheaper lippies... But i think I'm going to need a third!

I'm pretty damn chuffed with this purchase! It fits neatly into shallow storage and would look pretty on any dressing table. So if you're after a new lipstick holder check this one out!

How do you store your lipsticks?


  1. I love this post, a great and stylish way of displaying your lippies! Oh and I absolutely looove the pic of you with the minnie ears haha I got the same ones in Disney! <3

    Faye xoxo

  2. Oh wow I love this display, I've got one with just 9 compartments and other storage. Deffo need this though in my life, I think TK Maxx are also stocking them at the moment :) I've actually got all my MAC in a small 3 drawer tray (planning on doing a post on it), but this looks a lot better :)


    1. Ah my TKMaxx always sucks! I'll keep my eye out for them though, thanks! xo

  3. Nice lipstick holder, I definitely need this!

  4. What a cute little holder. Definitely helpful with storage for little tubes of lipstick. Should work for other makeup items too, like liners and maybe even brushes.
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  5. I have a smaller version of this, like you all I could find was the cheaper ones which honestly don't look as nice! Great post

  6. This looks amazing! I love organisation and storage, especially things that look cool and make life so much easier! £7 is a good price for it too I feel!

  7. I don't wear lipsticks much so i don't have much of collection, however, this is a great idea to store lipsticks and lip glosses! Thanks for sharing :)



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