Wednesday, 8 January 2014

I'm back! New Years beauty resolutions!

 (Just leaving a picture of my duck face right here...)

Hi there lovelies! Long time no post!

After a month long break i am finally back and getting back into the swing of things with blog posts! With a bit of a hectic Christmas i thought it was time for a quick blogging break to get my shit together, organised and ready for the New Year! So here I am! I have a ton of product reviews ready to be edited so you'll be getting an exciting post or two up over the next few days but for now i thought I'd share with you my beauty resolutions for the year!

2014 - The Year of the Low Buy
Sounds a bit scary, right? Well this year I'm determined to well and truly shop my stash! My Makeup Obsession is going into rehab and i am determined to stick to a budget and not overspend. What does this mean for the blog? Well, not much in terms of product reviews! I'm limiting to myself to a £20 a month budget, which to any normal person is probably still a lot on beauty products but we all know this is going to be hard for me. I do however have one exception; my trip to Florida. I've been good and saved over the past months so the time I'm in the good ol' USA is basically a free for all when it comes to spending, yay! 

I still have an unhealthy amount of products to get through so I've got a lot of reviews coming up over the next few months, i also am determined to explore high street and cheaper brands a little more this year so you'll be seeing some more budget friendly posts! Additionally i aim to post more FOTD's, as over the last six months I've got a little lazy and have generally opted for winged liner and my glasses which has left my mass eyeshadow stash feeling a little unloved.

Experiment with colour
There was a time when i really was unfamiliar with neutral shadows, but now its entirely what i wear when i actually put the effort in with shadow. Well, not this year! I am determined to shop my collection and pull out some of those unloved bright beauties! And that means lipstick too!

Post more makeup looks
As i mentioned earlier i plan to switch up my posts a bit from full of reviews and pop in some more makeup looks this year.

Use stuff up!
 Pretty simple really. My hoards of bath and body products could keep my entire road clean for the year, let alone just me. So i plan to try and work through what i actually have this year before spending a penny on bloody shower gel and body butters.

Switch it up!
I've pretty much been stuck in a big ol' rut with my makeup lately. I use the same products and wear the same looks day in day out (but that hasn't stopped me buying more!), which to be honest gets a little boring. Every two weeks I am planning to switch products in and out of my daily makeup stash to get some use out of unloved products and hopefully find some hidden gems in there!

So there's all my beauty resolutions! Have you made any beauty or general resolutions you plan to keep this year? Leave a comment and let me know!


  1. I'm on a low-buy, too! I was semi-successful reducing my spending in 2013 ($3K in 2012 down to $2K) but I don't feel like it was that successful cuz $2K is still A LOT. I look forward to reading how you do!


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