Tuesday, 16 October 2012

USA Nail Polish Haul!

 Hello Lovelies!
I spent near on a year lusting over Zoya polishes, taunting myself by looking at the new collections and having a little strop every time i was reminded that they don't ship to the UK. Sad face. So on my recent trip to the States Zoya was at the top of my hit list. I was a bit underwhelmed with the selection that the Ulta i visited had, but with a few trips i managed to pick up some right beauties! I also grabbed a couple of China Glaze ones too as they had a 3 for 2 offer on that i just couldn't refuse. In a way it was kinda good that they didn't have the best selection, or i could of easily picked up double what i had! Anyways, on to the pretties!
 Paper Chasing - Fairy Dust - I Herd That - Frostbite

 I only own two other China Glaze polishes which i adore so i didn't really need an excuse to pick up more. I love I'm Not Lion from their Safari range and as I Herd That is pretty much the gold version of it i had to have it! If i remember rightly these were around $7-$8 each, so not the cheapest, but you can find China Glaze online in the UK for around £5 a bottle.
 Nidhi - Daul - Gilda - Meg - Charla - Opal

After all my lusting for months on end i finally got my hands on some Zoya, only to find when i arrived home that there is now a website that stocks them in the UK for just under £6 a bottle, DOUBLE WIN. I'm not sure how up to date they are with collections or how reputable a company they are but they have quite a few colours i want... Luckily for my bank account my spending ban has well and truly kicked in and quite frankly, i have enough! But if you'd like to check out the website click here!
Mimi - Myrta - Feifei - Ivanka - Sarah

I don't think i could even pick my favourite out of these because they are just SO pretty. As you can see I'm a fan of sparkly, glittery, bright colours! I'm not really a dark or nude nail kinda gal, although I'm loving the berry shades that are everywhere right now, so i may have to make an exception. I am SO thrilled i managed to pick up so many pretties, i think i am pretty stocked up on polish for a while!

Whats your favourite Zoya colour? Let me know!



  1. Wow those are some amazing colours!! I must say I've never tried Zoya nail polishes but they do look fab!


  2. I love China Glaze, yet to try Zoya but they all look stunning!!! xx


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