Friday, 5 October 2012

I'm back! With some holiday snaps!

 Ello lovelies!
So I'm back! Well, i was back Saturday morning but jet lag hit me like a bitch. So with that, a severe case of the Florida blues and returning to university I've been shattered to say the least! I had an AMAZING time and I'm already itching to book for next year, but sadly I've got some arm twisting to do on the other half first, hmph.

I took nearly 500 pictures, and a ton of video so I'm hoping if i can manage to get some spare time I'll be able to try my hand at editing a video together! *fingers crossed* So i thought I'd share some of the best snaps i got throughout my trip before we get into the good stuff, the hauls! I bought a lot... Probably too much to be honest but i really couldn't help myself. So there are going to multiple haul posts because it would be impossible to fit it in to one. And hopefully I'll start snapping away at those tomorrow!

Minnie and Mickey!

Birthday shopping! You're never too old for Minnie ears and a birthday badge, right?! Ha! We had to seriously hunt for these as all they had were sequin ones, and i had my heart set on a more traditional pair, so the brat in me came out until we found them. I am a serious kid. Also you may have noticed my lack of makeup, well after day one apart from the odd evenings i just didn't bother! It was just TOO hot for my face to deal with, so rather than worry about it sliding off i just didn't put any on. Some waterproof mascara and i was off!

I love this thing! I've got another snap of the bf doing this face in front of it but sadly its not his favourite and he'd kill me if i uploaded it, I'm trying to get in his good books anyway and make him let me book next year already! hehe.

Halloween! They do this SO much better than us Brits!

Hogsmeade! I'm not a Harry Potter fan but i have to admit that this was awesome! The Forbidden Journey ride has to be one of the best I've been on, well apart from the spiders, i managed not to see that part...
Our hotel was opposite this because its one of my favourite things to look at in Florida! Never been inside, it just looks awesome!

 Walking Dead! One of my only Halloween Horror Nights pictures, which wasn't actually taken by me because i spent most of the evening running around terrified avoiding anything scary, which was impossible since scare actors were everywhere! Was hoping there would be a lot of FX makeup, but alas it was mostly masks, which makes me a sad and terrified panda. Although i got Despicable Me unicorn... ITS SO FLUFFY I'M GUNNA DIE!

 The Tower of Terror! Not as scary as it looks, but then again I'm a coaster junkie! Years ago this used to drop from the top, which i did as a kid and it was awesome!


So that's it! There really are too many pictures to share, but i did get my shop on hard. I raided Walmart, Ulta, Sephora, Walgreens, CVS and Bath and Bodywork's so i have some goodies from over the pond to try, review and share!

Have you ever been to Florida? Whats your favourite part of it?!

Thanks for reading!



  1. I LOVE FLORIDA! Reading your post has bought back some glorious memories of last summer when I spent two fun filled weeks there. Personally, my favourite part of the state is the keys, they're just so beautiful. I love Orlando too, all the rides and kiddy fun- I want to go back so bad!


    1. Oooh i've never been to the keys, I'll have to investigate that! I'm yearning to go back sooo much! But if not, i've got some great memories too! x o x

  2. Florida has to be my favourite holiday destination, I went for Halloween and they really do know how to celebrate over there. Best parts have to be Universal and Seaworld, the coasters were amazing. We didnt go to Disneyland though, really wish we had now I've seen your snaps, please show us your unicorn plushie! :D

  3. Squeee! I just love theme parks :) I need to do Halloween Horror Nights sometime. Isn't the weather so nice in September/October?

  4. I got back from Florida about 2/3 weeks ago! It was amazing ahhh, did you go to Busch Gardens? I really wanted to do the Horror Nights aswell but we left the day before it opened. Sad timesss :(

  5. I really really really wana gooooo! I'm going to wait till my daughters a bit older (she's 2) so she will enjoy it more I've been to Disneyland California which is amazing and Disneyland Paris which is not! I cannot wait to go to Disney World my mums on about taking the whole family next year which would be amazing I've 6 nieces and a nephew it would be really magical x

  6. Ah I stayed in a hotel across from that upside house when I went to Florida a couple of years ago! Love Disney Land!! x


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