Saturday, 4 August 2012

Origins - Drink Up Intensive Over Night Mask - Review

 Higher end skincare isn't really something i like to splurge a lot of money on. I generally only take the plunge on things like Elemis value kits on QVC or if I've been really lusting over something. I had always assumed Origins was out of my price range, I'd be lusting over some of the Mega Mushroom range and at around £40 per product it wasn't something i was willing to spend the money on. So when i started seeing reviews for their Overnight Mask i halfheartedly read a few, thinking it was out of my price range, until i actually took notice of the price... £20 for 100ml, which is a LOT more reasonable than i had presumed. Most night creams or moisturisers range between 30 - 50 ml so getting double or more product for your money was a huge selling point for me. My last night cream was  an Elemis one, which was okay, but nothing special and at £30 odd for 50ml wasn't cheap. But the Origins Drink Up is technically a mask, not a night cream and is thicker in consistency.

"This overnight replenishing mask with natures most nourishing nightcaps, Plant Glycerin, Hyaluronic Acid and Apricot Kernel Oil, instantly quenches compromised skin with deeply satisfying moisture. Avocado Oil and Mango Butters build up a reservoir for tomorrow. And Japanese Seaweed helps prevent future moisture loss. Skin awakens refreshed, replenished, ready to face the day."

Its quite thick in consistency and does leave the skin feeling slightly tacky for around ten minutes or so. It sinks in leaving my skin feeling super hydrated and even feels lovely in the morning. Some people complained about it leaving residue, but having quite dry skin i find my skin absorbs it really quickly leaving no residue what so ever. Now at the moment i am using this about every other day, but i wouldn't hesitate using it every night as a night cream as my skin is so dry. But for people with combo - oily skin once to twice a week would probably be enough. My only little gripe is the smell of it, and now i am terrible with describing scents but there is something in it that my nose just does not like. Luckily its not an overbearing smell and fades pretty fast so your not left trying to sleep with it. I don't think it'd be unpleasant for everyone, just if your like me you may find it a little much initially.
Overall i am really loving this! It leaves my skin feeling refreshed and hydrated without leaving a greasy film or transferring to my pillows. And at £20 for 100ml i think for a higher end brand is pretty damn good value for money! I've got my eye on a few more bits from Origins but that may have to wait a while! But if you live near an Origins counter I'd highly suggest checking this out!

What are your favourite Origins products?



  1. This sounds great, my mom has a few Origins products from Boots. Deffo going to stop by their counter next time I'm there :)


  2. This sounds really lovely! I've never tried any Origins products before - I think I'll have to rectify this soon!!

  3. This sounds great! I've fallen in love with Origins after buying their Super Spot Remover so this sounds like it's going to be the next addition to my Origins collection haha :P

    Rhiannon xxx

  4. I like a lot of Origins products, though they aren't my favorites. Spot remover, VitaZing, and Checks and Balances cleanser are all pretty nice. I don't think they'd be great for dry skin, though.


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