Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Darling Girl Cosmetics Haul

Heya lovelies! After a long, long time of lusting i eventually placed a Darling Girl Cosmetics order! I'd been itching to place an order for a Skin Quencher or two for a while now, so when their Satin Stains were released i just couldn't resist any longer. Its quite a modest haul, mainly because i REALLY didn't want to get hit by customs and after reading elsewhere about others being caught there i thought it was better to be safe than sorry. I'm quite happy to pay custom fee's i just really hate the ridiculous £8 Post Office charges on top of that... *rant over* On to the haul!

So i knew i wanted a Skin Quencher and some Satin Stains, i just had to work out which ones, as there are SO many enticing smells to choose from. I opted for Black Raspberry and Vanilla, it smells absolutely divine! Skin Quenchers are a dry oil spray and as my skin has been on the dry side lately i thought this would be the perfect pick me up. It sinks in to the skin relatively quickly and smells good enough to eat! I'd like to pick up a few more scents including the Lime and Ginger one, yum!
I absolutely love Fyrinnae's Visual Kei Lip Luster, the only problem is that there aren't that many wearable (for me at least) colours. So when i saw the announcement on the Darling Girl Facebook page about these i stalked the website until they were released. I wasn't quick enough to grab the one i wanted most, but oh well, I'll just have to place another order... I'm planning to do a full review on these beauties. That's if my Mum doesn't steal Babygirl before i get around to it, shes had her hawk eye on it all week!

The only negative so far is the size, which in all fairness is clearly stated on the website. They are 3.5ml each which is on the small side, but as i don't tend to finish lip products its not a huge downside, and at $5 a pop is definitely worth the money.
Lastly i ordered their About Face Velvet Gel Primer. I now flat out refuse to pay for Smashbox primer so needed something with a bit of slip for my foundation. It feels great on the skin and so far I'm enjoying using this! At $5.50 it is considerably cheaper than a lot of the primers I've come across, but again it is a smaller product at being around 15ml. I also received a couple of sample baggies and a sample jar with my order, which was a lovely touch.

The website clearly states how long orders will take to ship and my order was just within this time which was around two weeks, then a further week to arrive through the mail (with quite a lot of postman stalking, its okay, he's used to it now). Three weeks in total is quite a long time for someone with no patience, but so worth it in the end! Good things come to those who wait and all that jazz. So far I'm really impressed with Darling Girl Cosmetics and cannot wait to place another order, i just find it difficult to narrow down what i want!

Have you tried any of Darling Girl's products? Feel free to share your suggestions!



  1. Great products, I've never heard of this brand before.

  2. Oh Im join to check these out! great blog btw!

  3. Ooh, going to check out this brand for sure :)

  4. thse look amazing.. i havent heard of them :)

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  6. Never buy any cosmetics products which is cheap or made by some unknown company because its effect on your skin will not be good. Always use branded products.

    Xtras Cosmetics

    1. I really disagree. I've actually had no issues with indie companies, quite the opposite. Any reactions or bad effects i've had have always come from well known or "branded" products. Darling Girl list their ingredients so they are just as safe as any other brand.


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