Friday, 6 July 2012

Spending ban... What spending ban?!

Hiya Lovelies!
So about that spending ban...

Everyone needs a little treat now and then so after working way more than i have done over the last year and having much less fun than usual i thought it was about time to buy a couple of new "necessary" bits and bobs. So i thought I'd share my little collective haul from the past month.

GHD - Glossy Back Straighteners
I've needed a new pair of GHD's for quite some time now as mine were reaching their 7th birthday and not really performing like they used to. I really begrudge paying a ton on hair care items so the thought of spending around £100 on a pair of these wasn't really a happy thought. I found these beauties for £84 on Look Fantastic, although i cannot find them again now they were a lot cheaper than the same style on other websites. Win!

Banana Boat - Aloe Vera Gel
I spent my Boots point on this so it doesn't really count as breaking my spending ban. I wasn't going to include this as its really just boring sun care, but as its the run up to my holiday, buying things like this puts a big ol' grin on my face. Also on smelling this it brought back memories of my last stay in the USA. So a lot of smiles from a pretty boring buy!

New Look - Sunglasses
Another little holiday buy! Something about these screamed CUTE and Hello Kitty at me so i HAD to have them. Its not often i find sunglasses in a flattering shape for my face that are this cute! New Look had a BOGOF promotion on their sunglasses so i got two pairs (the second not quite as cute) for £4.99.

Origins - Drink Up Overnight Mask
So this little beauty has been doing the blogging rounds so i wont go into too much detail until i get round to reviewing it. But after seeing all the "What i take travelling" videos and posts this product really intrigued me. For some reason I'd had it in my head that Origins was SUPER pricey, I'm not one to spend £40 on a cream even though I've been lusting after some of their Mega Mushroom range for quite a while now. So when i found out this was £20, 100ml and perfect for my skin type, i just had to have it!

Chinovi Cosmetics - Minis
If you've read my blog for a while you would know i have a soft spot for indie cosmetics. I think a lot of indie brands have something special due to the time, effort and creativity that goes into their products. Chinovi is a relatively new brand and after seeing Beauty's Bad Habits swatch post i knew i had to order some. The website is SO easy to navigate and my goodies arrived within a week, preciously packed with some added American sweeties. ADORABLE. I cannot wait to review them!

China Glaze - I'm Not Lion
After reading Powdered Almond's post on I'm Not Lion i had to have this polish, right this second! I literally ordered it within two minutes of reading the post. It is one of the prettiest polishes i have ever seen. Its an absolutely stunning champagney, beigey glitter with multi coloured flecks, god i suck at descriptions. Simply put, its gorgeous, go check it out!

IPhone 4S
Another one that doesn't count towards my spending ban since it was an upgrade. So i have now jumped on the iphone bandwagon, so at some point in the near future, when i can work it all out (god i feel old), expect some Instagramming from me!

So that's it! A bit of a modest haul from me for now if you ignore the GHD's *slaps wrist*

Have you bought anything naughty lately? Feel free to link in the comments!



  1. Nice post, i like it. I follow you!

    Loves, Tessa

  2. Awww I am actually so excited that you mentioned me in this post! And I am so glad you bought the polish, it is just such a stunner! I adore it, hope you love wearing it too! xxx

    1. Its only my second ever China Glaze polish but i ADORE it! And i REALLY need to buy more! So glad i saw your post! <3

  3. i was trying to curb buying beauty products in july but failed miserably when i went to mac! xxx


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