Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Future Posts + A Little Bit Of Summer!

Heya Lovelies!
Just a quick little update post from me today. If you're from the UK you'll probably, like me, have spent the last few days basking in the glorious sun. Sun, in England? I know its normally a myth but the weather is just plain gorgeous! So with my week off work I've been spending my time having a good ol' catch up with the bestie and relaxing in my slightly fail paddling pool! I say fail, because its one of those that "inflates itself", well it does if its on a flat surface... So mine is nicely propped up by a lounger. But it does the job!
I thought I'd also take today to talk about things I'm planning to do in future with the blog. I'm planning to carry on both my Recent Rediscoveries and my Top 5 posts and work my way through a lot of my unloved collection, that way you get a chance to see products that may not be the current hype, but are good, old favourites. And after a little request I'll be doing an updated storage post too, as it has drastically changed since the one i posted back in the first few months of blogging.

But what I'd love to know is, what would you like to see?
What posts interest you the most? And if there any any specific topics, brands or products you'd like to see covered?
I really appreciate every single person that reads my blog and would love you to have some input.

Of course I'll still be buying the things i like and sticking to what i love, but if you lot can point me in the direction of new goodies or things i may not have considered, thats great!

Hope your all enjoying the fabulous sun!



  1. I love your haul posts, and reviews too! I'd love to see a storage post and some more top 5's too :) xx


  2. Reviews! Perhaps a few makeup looks from the eyeshadow hauls? :)

  3. I love reviews, FOTDs, collection posts... gee, I'm not too picky XD

  4. Thanks for the feedback ladies! <3


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