Friday, 24 February 2012

Inglot Freedom System Eye Shadow - Swatches


If you've seen some of my previous FOTD's or any of my IMATS posts you would of noticed i picked up these bad boys. Four ten pan palettes from Inglot's freedom system. These are probably the most exciting purchase for me of the year so far, and i'm not sure i'll find any that top them either!

For any of you that have been living under a rock over the past year or so... Inglot are a Polish brand that have recently gone global and have been getting a lot of attention in beauty blogging community. I purchased a good few things from Inglot but for today I'll be focusing on their infamous freedom system shadows.

Their freedom offers a variety of different sized palettes varying from £2 - £20 giving you the freedom to pick and choose your own shades. They come in five different finishes and over 200 shades. Matte, Double Sparkle (DS), Pearl, Shine and Advanced Makeup Component (AMC). The pigmentation of these is phenomenal and they blend like an absolute dream.

Its a tad hard to choose but i think the pearl finish is my favourite. DS are a matte shadow packed full of glitter and the shines seem to vary per colour. Some leave as the name would suggest more of a sheen and others are more pearl like with added glitter (39 being one of those).

So onto the swatches!

The one downside to Inglot is that there is only one UK store in London and although they now have a website its a little tricky to pick colours due to their pretty awful swatches. I did quite a bit of searching online and couldn't find a huge amount of clear swatches for the colours or finishes i wanted. Although Temptalia does have a pretty good selection.

Considering the booth was pretty packed i think i managed to pick out a pretty good selection of shades. I'm still greedily lusting over some more matte neutrals and some pearl brights, I'm an addict. Price wise online a full 10 palette will set you back £53 which may sound a little pricey, but take into consideration you'd pay around £150 to fill a Mac palette. In my opinion the quality of these is superior to Mac.

Inglot shadows can be purchased for £4.50 each online here.

Which shades are your favourites?



  1. I really want to try inglot, but I have no idea how to get them in Norway..

  2. You color selection is to DIE for.
    Mkay, I'd skip the blues and greens but the rest I'd love to get my
    paws on.

  3. Thank you so much for this post - really useful cos the website doesn't give much indication of colour. That green 414 might be the nicest green I ever saw. :-) x

  4. I adore the Pearl ones!!

  5. Just followed your blog!! Follow back and enter in my giveaway

  6. These shadows are so pretty and pigmented! I want to try Inglot.

  7. all of them are gorgeous, which i could get some inglot! xx
    My Blog: Boho Vanity

  8. I hate Inglot's website, but their makeup is fantastic. Those palettes look fantastic. Have fun!

  9. I want some Inglot!!! I do have a store near me (FL) but have never ventured in. I love the brown palette & the one with purples, Whats it called??

  10. new follower :D
    i love inglot i need to get the eyeshadows haha

  11. Awesome swatches, maybe I'll go and actually purchase Inglot instead of hesitating at the counter, haha.

  12. OMG! Great swatches! I want Inglot sooo bad...gonna have to check them out especially after your swatches <3


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