Thursday, 30 June 2011

Mini Elf Haul

 Hey guys! I'm currently over the moon at getting a new camera which means i can FINALLY start putting more time and effort into making my blog posts a bit more informative and interesting. To top it off i got two packages through the post today, one being some storage I'll post about later and the other being my exciting little brown box! And as i have a little time today i wanted to put up a little post on my latest E.l.f haul. 

As you may or may not have known E.l.f were generous enough to have a 50% off everything sale over the past few days for reaching 200k Likes on Facebook. The fact it was a whopping 50% off was a bit of a surprise as they have said in the past that they were unable to have those sort of promotions due to shipping and taxes from importing their stock from America. As you probably know already all of their products are extremely reasonably priced before their sales so after battling with the E.l.f website for about an hour i finally managed to get a little order done. Unfortunately at the time a lot of my favourite products were out of stock but as i needed some new brushes and felt like trying some new things i jumped on the offer!

What i got:
Liquid Eyeliner - Coffee
Waterproof Eyeliner Pen - Coffee
Shimmer Pencils - Boldly Bronzed & Gunmetal
Dramatic Lash Kit
Nail Polish - Golden Goddess

Studio HD Powder
Studio Makeup Mist & Set
Foundation Brush x2
Studio Angled Foundation Brush
Eyeshadow brush x2

I know it's not the most interesting of E.l.f hauls but i have a ton of their products already and can't resist a sale! I'd like to do an Elf collection post as i have so much and review the products i love or hate in more detail as i feel they are very hit or miss!

Thanks for reading and I'd love to see/read your haul posts or videos so feel free to link me them :)

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