Thursday, 7 August 2014

USA Haul: Part 3 - Bath And Bodyworks

Ello Lovelies!

I thought it was about time i got the next in my series of USA hauls up and decided not to film this one... Mostly because there is only so much sniffing and saying how much i love everything you and i can take before i look like an idiot. So I decided a written post would be the best bet for this addition! 

Firstly, i f**king love Bath & Bodyworks. So much so there was an absolute need to include my potty mouth in that sentence. Before my trip I had already allocated a portion of mine and my Mothers hand luggage solely for candles, she had no choice in this matter. If i could physically lug more home... I would. A part of me was slightly sad that i couldn't get my mitts on any of their Fall scents as i was way too early for that. But luckily, weirdo here already has a back up of a few of my favourite Christmassy scents to last me a year or two. Nethertheless their Spring/Summer scents did not disappoint. 

Watermelon Lemonade - Oh my. I pick up much more watermelon in its cold state and it is glorious! Red Guava Lava - Another fantastically fruity scent. Pineapple Mango - Pretty self explanatory... Yum. Sicilian Orange - Not the most exciting of the bunch but a nice fresh scent i can't wait to burn. Coconut Leaves - Oh dear god this smells like heaven. I love this scent so much i actually ordered another one from eBay so i had a backup. Its that perfect summery milky coconutty scent. Oh, i forgot to mention I'm rubbish with scent descriptions, sorry! But if you can get your hands on this, DO IT.  And lastly for candles is Pink Passionfruit - Another lot of fruity goodness.
Don't worry, I'm not going to go into detail about each scent of their infamous Pocket Bacs! I went a bit mad with the 5 for $5 deal and picked up enough to last me a year or two. Island Margarita is my all time favourite Pocket Bac scent (sadly the candle isn't as great) so i grabbed 5 just to make sure i don't run out!
Bath & Bodyworks body sprays are perfect for those days you want to smell delicious but don't want anything overpowering. They don't last very long on the skin, like most body sprays but 90% of the ones I've tried smell awesome! I decided on three of their tropical summer releases; Oahu, Hawaii, Maui and the random but delightfully scented Endless Weekend. I can't remember exactly how much these were but i believe i paid around $4 each, although they consistently have offers on so I just had to have backups of the fruitier three!
And last but certainly not least is my beloved Island Margarita room spray. After being left disappointed with the candle offering i was determined to find something else in the scent i could bring home and this little beauty ticked all the boxes. It fills the room with just a few quick spritzes and leaves my bedroom smelling amazing. I'll be rationing this until it runs out because it smells so god damn good!

Well that's it! Quite a lot to lug back but greedy guts here would have spent way more if only i had a larger luggage allowance!

What is your favourite Bath & Bodyworks scent?



  1. omg I adore bath and body works the shower gels and body butters are good too!

    1. I so need to try those one day!!! Praying that B&BW come to the UK one day! Xo

  2. This has made me SO EXCITED to go to Florida next year! Lovely haul :)


    1. Oooo I'm so excited for you! I miss it lots!!! Happy planning!! Xo


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