Sunday, 23 September 2012

Darling Girl Cosmetics - Satin Stains

A little while back i placed my very first order with Darling Girl Cosmetics and i was not disappointed! The most exciting products of my little haul was their Satin Stains, I'm really loving lip products at the moment and finding more wearable indie lipstick / stain colours makes me a happy bunny! Now I've not got quite used to my new camera so my lip swatches aren't the best quality, but I'm learning! So hopefully you'll get some better quality shots out of me in future but for now they'll have to do, hehe.

Darling Girl describes their Satin Stains as...

"Satin Stain Lip Creme's are a cross between a lipstick and a lip gloss.  They are highly pigmented and once the gloss has worn away you are left with a beautiful wash of color."
Babygirl is my favourite out of the two i own. Its a gorgeous peach that has a really lovely sheen that has made a really lovely, fresh, summer colour over the past few weeks. I generally get about three hours of wear time out of it but didn't find it overly staining, more of a thinner consistency liquid lipstick. Although it is of a thinner consistency its opaque in one swipe and is a non sticky formula which gets a huge thumbs up from me!


I really couldn't get Lola to work for me which is a shame because its such a gorgeous colour! It just doesn't suit my complexion and without a lip liner i could not get it to stay put on the lips. It moved around quite a bit and bled around the edges, but then again i do have an awful habit of playing with my lip bars so this isn't 100% down to the product.

Overall I'll be getting some good wear out of Lola but really do wish they were a little more staining. If you're a fan of liquid lipsticks i think you'd really enjoy these, and at $5 a pop they are really worth a look.  On my next order i need to get my hands on Pink Slip as it looks gorgeous!

Have you tried anything from Darling Girl Cosmetics?
You can check out the website here!



  1. Oooh they look so nice! Never heard of this brand before

  2. Yesterday I got Wild Irish Rose and it's simply amazing, will get a couple more in the future for sure - thanks for the swatches!


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