Thursday, 26 April 2012

Budget "Beauty Blender"

 Ello lovelies!
After my last haul i had quite a few requests for a review on my eBay makeup sponge find, so here it is!

Firstly, I've never tried an actual Beauty Blender so i can't place real comparisons on the two, and i don't think I'd ever be willing to part with $20 for a sponge! So after hearing a ton of rave reviews on this type of sponge i went for a good ol' hunt on eBay and stumbled across this one!

I payed around £2 for this including shipping from Hong Kong, but for so cheap i was willing to take the risk that it might be utter crap when it arrived, but luckily i was pleasantly surprised! Named a "Bottle gourd sponge" on Ebay, there was plenty of sellers to choose from, so i opted to spend a few pence more and go for a top rated seller. It arrived within two weeks!

Now I've had bad experiences with sponge wedges, i could never get on with application and whenever i tried to wash them they'd break and fall apart. I am REALLY enjoying using this for application of thicker foundations, and even my Double Wear (although it is a pain in the ass to wash out!). By dampening it down with warm water it makes most of my foundations a dream to apply and blend, and for me it really helps at not accentuating my pores, which is great! It's also great for eliminating cakeyness, i have a horrid habit of over powdering and getting a slightly cakey top lip, so I've been loving using this to stipple over any mistakes to get a fresher, less cakey finish.

Again, I've never tried the actual Beauty Blender sponge because of its price, but if you are in the UK there are a few cheap alternatives if you are not confident buying through eBay!

Cosmo Beauty Sponge. (Also available in Superdrug)
eBay Seller
. (£1.96 including postage)

Have you tried the Beauty Blender sponge? Is it all its cracked up to be?



  1. Great review!! Must try one of these although it looks like it might take me a bit of getting used to! haha

  2. Bad influence! I only bought this cos it was £2 haha!

  3. What's it made of? Is it latex like the little wedges? Looks really neat and sounds good, I'm currently using a kabuki but it's a pain to wash and dry often, so I might try one of these. It's just that I'm allergic to latex and can't use the wedges :(

    1. Ooh i never considered that! I'm not sure, but I've emailed the seller to ask so I'll let you know when i get an answer! xox

  4. I've not tried the Beautyblender, but I've definitely been intrigued by it and I've wondered whether it will live up to the hype. This one looks like a really good alternative and for a lot cheaper as well :)

  5. Sounds really good! Will be checking it out!

  6. i have this it's great especially for under the eyes :)

  7. I've seen a lot of people who've argued strongly for the Beauty Blender, and I think there's a little bit of truth to it. But at the end of the day, it's just a sponge xoxo
    A Thing of Beauty

  8. This sounds really great :)


  9. Great review :)


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