Tuesday, 27 September 2011

My First BFTE Sets - Lights

 Ello lovelies! I'm delighted I've had the chance to do this post today as yesterday was my birthday AND my first day of uni (SCARY!). I thought i wouldn't get much time to blog this week and I'm pleased as punch that i actually do! This is the second part of my BFTE haul. 

Around a month ago i caved to my craving and ordered two sets from BFTE. I've got to admit that the lights is my least favourite of the two but it does have some stunning, more wearable and every day colours. So if brights aren't for you maybe these are!

The same as the Brights this sets comes with eight .5 gram sample sized jars. Which gives you enough to have a good play around and wear these a few times before taking the plunge and buying a full sized jar. These also make adorable gifts!

 Aqua - Riddle - Mint - Cornflower - Princess - Peony - Beautiful - Bliss

 Aqua - Riddle - Mint - Cornflower - Princess - Peony - Beautiful - Bliss
Taken in direct sunshine to show off the stunning shimmer!

Overall again i think this is a fantastic little set. I've written all about Beauty From The Earth in my last post so if you want to know any more about the brand or see their gorgeous Brights collection click here.
You can also visit the Beauty From The Earth website here.

A short and sweet post from me today. But I've got some exciting birthday pressies to blog about over the next couple of days (when they eventually arrive!).

Let me know what your favourite BFTE shade is!
Thanks for reading!



  1. Out of these colors I have Riddle, Cornflower, and Beautiful. Cornflower is one of my all-time favorite colors, it's such a gorgeous satiny sky blue!<33

    Mint looks like such a darling color, the swatch has definitely confirmed how much I need it! Thanks for the swatches ;D

  2. I love this post!!! I am searching online for these colors now!!

    I'm an official follower!

    Check out my blog sometime -

    LoveFaye xoxo

  3. im a fan of color. i really liked your brights collection. the lights are soo soft. hahha im dramatic

    following you!


  4. Bliss is looking a bit streaky? Or is it just the angle of the pic? The small gift set looks super cute! I like the look of Peony and Princess XD

  5. I think it's just the angle of the pic! xx


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